LCBE Top 5 Black Friday Shopping Tips

It's here! Black Friday is the perfect time for saving money on the best deals during the holiday seasons. I have prepared tips to help you get ready for your Black Friday shopping experience. So, let's get started!


  • Budget: Set a budget! Remember those bills girl! They still add up after Black Friday, boo! 
  • Dress Comfortable: If you planned to go shopping at local malls or outlets, be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Black Friday is the time when you can find yourself standing, sitting, and in some cases running (lol) with the product in your hand to the nearest checkout. You might as well be comfortable while doing it. 
  • Be Safe: Keep all your personal items close to you. No big bags or wrist wallets. They are easy for someone to get into and easy to misplace while shopping. I recommend getting a crossbody satchel to keep all your cards and cash safe. 
  • Plan: Many online and retail stores have a small number of products that sell out fast. Create a list and research the stores you would like to shop at ahead of time. Some of your favorite retailers, more than likely already have deals sitting in your mailbox or email (check those out!). Once your list is set with the best deals it's time to grab your partner and get ready to shop! 
  • Social Media Shopping: Most products today are purchased via mobile phone. Make sure you check Instagram and Facebook for great deals with your favorite online business.  


P.S. Don't forget to visit LCBE Black Friday Frenzy (BFF) at for your favorite hair extensions or toxin-free pigmented nail lacquer at a discounted offering. Be safe and enjoy your Black Friday Shopping Experience!  

XOXO, LaPorchia

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