Bold Hair Colour: What To Use To Dye Your LC Beauty Extensions?

Bold Your LCBE Look! 

Are you wondering what type of hair dye to use on your LC Beauty Extensions? Well... we got you! Turn your 1B extensions to a bold and fuller look simply by using Adore semi-permanent hair color. You can purchase Adore hair color of your choice at your local beauty supply store. Depending on your geographical location prices may vary. (refer to image below). Typically this hair color is priced around $3.00. We normally use 2 bottles of the Adore hair color on our LC Beauty Extensions. 

LCBE Steps: How to Apply Hair Color 

1. Remove your rubber band from LCBE hair bundles.

2. Shampoo your hair extensions and dry with a towel.

3. Apply hair color to extensions.

4. Comb and massage your hair color throughout the extensions. 

5. Allow the color to sit for 15-20 mins. 

6. Rinse and Shampoo.

7. Let hair extensions dry or use a blow-dryer before styling. 

Using these steps help us achieve a soft and sophisticated look. 

If you having any questions feel free to contact us at or leave a comment below. 



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